January 28, 2009

Whenever I type out a blog I tend to do it at a fast pace. I am sure you regular readers catch my typos all of the time. Trust me, I go back and read through them too and catch my mistakes and slap myself.
I tell myself every time I start an entry...'OK go back and read over the post before you hit Publish Post.' But yet every time I am done typing away at a furious rate I hit Publish Post and it's gone. It goes to the feeds right away. Sometimes I go right back in and edit a mistake or two I catch right off the bat. I need to utilize this dang spell checker more frequently...but alas it is also some to try and remember to go.
Just trying to make a point to inform people that I am educated and can type proper tenses and spell/type correctly. Even with some posts that could argue against that last statement of mine.
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