January 14, 2009


This Friday will be the network premiere of Friday Night Lights Season 3 on NBC.   Amy and I are DirecTv customers so we have actually seen all of Season 3 with the exception of the Season Finale which comes on tonight.

I'm pretty sure we have told of our love for this show but it is by far one of the best shows on TV...next to LOST.

Like I mentioned last week, I am a terrible writer and especially when it comes to reviews. I just tell you all whether we like something or not. There are 2 fellow bloggers who are better at explaining why the show is great and I completely agree with both of them. This is my favorite quote from David Kern's blog post...

Indeed, more than football, Friday Night Lights is a show about relationships, about being let down, letting others down, and surviving the accompanying disappointments; it’s about learning what it means to be a friend, a team mate, a spouse, a parent or a child. Its about dreaming and surviving and loving. Its about being passionate - its about being alive.

Just by reading that...who doesn't want to watch this show!!??!

Here are the links to these blogs that tell more in details why FNL is one of the best shows out there.
David Kern's post about FNL.
      --David's older post on a review of FNL after Season 1
Brett McCracken's thoughts on FNL.
     --Brett's older post also a review after Season 1 with reviews and acclaims

And like thoses guys, even though we have seen Season 3 of FNL on DirecTv already...we will still tune in to watch it from the beginning starting this Friday. Trust me, this season is just as good or even better than Season 1 (if you watch the show).

"Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!"
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