January 26, 2009

Beyond The Pale

"I do love the vegetarians, I always get a kick out of it when they try and
impress ya...'I haven't had meat in 5 years.'

I haven't had a banana in a month, you see me braggin' about it."

-Jim Gaffigan

I thought think that bit funny and relevent to the fact that I will now brag...
about me not having a coke/dr.pepper/coke zero/diet coke/diet dr. pepper in a week as of today! w00t!

However, I believe the lack of caffeine has been a result of my headaches most of last week. I did have a cranberry sweet tea from Sonic on Thursday and I am sipping on one right now. And I did have a sprite on Friday and Saturday. That was my confessional.

My good friend Michael called me yesterday to wish me an early birthday since he will be on vacation and out of touch for the next fews days and asked about running. Running? Yes...he remembered my goal from April of last year about me pledging to run at least the half-marathon on Nashville for the Country Music Marathon. During the months of Nov. and Dec. I ran about zero miles and now it is really cold outside to consider running. And I don't want to spend money on a gym/club membership. But I get out and ran this past Saturday, I think I did about 3.5 miles, and I also ran 2 weekends before this past Saturday. So I am still going to do that Half Marathon in April even if it kills me.

So Michael didn't open a can or worms for me...since I had already run some...but it was a good reminder too.

I think Amy is going to do it too...so we'll have to bite the bullet and get out in the near freezing weather to get out miles in.

I gonna go eat a banana now.
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