December 05, 2008

Since I mentioned McD's...

...I know most people don't go here very often but I figured Ishould share this.

I got word, via The Consumerist, that a new item has replaced a staple item from the Dollar Menu. 
Yes, the Double Cheeseburger has been taken off the Dollar Menu and is now $1.19 and has been replaced by the new McDouble.  What's a McDouble exactly?  Two patties with just one slice of cheese.
Apparently...McD's is trying to save money on the cheesy side of things. 
Did you know there were 2 slices on the Double Cheeseburger?  I guess I never paid close attention.  Well there you have it folks...if you go to McD's and order a Double Cheeseburger don't be surprised when the total turns out to be $1.07. 
Have a good weekend...i'm out!
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