April 09, 2009


Friday night we are going to go see these fellas put on a show. They are The Flight Of The Conchords! we are going with four other friends and we all paid a bit more money than we would have liked for these tickets.

But alas, it is the Conchords playing at the mother church of country music, The Ryman.

I've mentioned before how I love seeing shows at the Ryman and it is hands down my most favorite place to see a show of any kind. This week alone the Ryman hosted Ben Folds on Tuesday night, Bella Fleck last night, and The Conchords on Friday night. It has been a busy week there at the Ryman but a busy week of good music and comedy.

If any of you do not know who Bret and Jemaine are or have not heard any of their songs or seen their show...do yourself a solid by checking them out. They are just a comedy troupe who sing really funny songs and HBO gave them a show featured around their songs. I even got my mom laughing to one of their songs and it was a song about sex! For all you married folks out there...check out their song"Business Time," you'll have a laugh too because it will be familiar to you to some extent.

This live version is different than the CD but when they do stuff live they like to change it up and throw some other funny stuff in there.

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